Includes two chef prepared meals per day

Our villa Chef will prepare up to two meals per day at your request which includes breakfast and your choice of either lunch or dinner. Guests are responsible for the cost of the food, beverages and alcohol for each meal.


All meals are served “Family Style” which means everyone in your group is served the same menu. The chef will prepare something different for anyone with special dietary needs. Please keep in mind that the villa chef and kitchen assistant are there to prepare the meals and we do not have the staff to provide “formal table service”.


You can select your meals from the chef’s menu which offers a variety of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you are not limited to the items on the menu. The chef will prepare any meal you request, as long as the ingredients are available for purchase on the island.

Before your arrival, we suggest that you schedule a call with the chef. During the call please let the chef know if anyone in your group has special dietary needs. You can discuss your meal choice for the day of your arrival and breakfast for the following morning. You may coordinate all remaining meals in person directly with our Chef after you arrive at the villa.


Guests will be required to send an advanced deposit for the purchase of groceries. The deposit amount ranges from $1,000 to $3,500 and will be determined based on the number of people in your party and how many meals you plan.

The Chef will buy groceries each morning based on the meal(s) requested for that particular day. Our property manager will keep a copy of all the receipts and will have them readily available for you to view at any time throughout your stay.

On check-out day, he will provide you with an itemized invoice for your food and beverage costs. Any unspent money left from your deposit will be reimbursed to you in cash. If there is a balance owed two options for the reimbursement of food and beverages:

Option #1: If you booked with us directly you may request to have the cost of the food and beverages deducted from your security deposit. (Does not apply to VRBO bookings.)

Option #2: You may reimburse Ezra, our property manager, in cash (US dollars) on the day you check-out. Ezra will also provide you with a receipt for cash payment.


A third meal may be requested for an additional cost of:

  • $200 (up to 9 people) plus the cost of the food.
  • $300 (10-18 people) plus the cost of the food.

For more information

Please call us directly at 1 786-814-8998


Please contact us for availability and rates
1 786-814-8998